Can't afford Yagna/Puja? Simple home remedies to improve Planetary motion

Home Remedies To Strengthen Planets in Horopscope

Sometimes, life can be tough for no reason; that much anticipated promotion can just slip away, a simple twist in the ankle could turn into a major fracture, or your beloved sweet-heart could break up with you over a text. Yeah… life is unpredictable; its one playground where our creator plays without any rules.

Planets and Horoscope

Hindu astrology explains that every individual is deeply affected by each planet, the Sun and Moon, constellations, etc.; entities which are 100s of 1000s miles away from us, concoct our lives. These floating objects in the universe can help us achieve our dreams or make our lives hell.

Sacred Hindu Texts

Going by ancient scriptures of astrology, an individual suffers through predicaments, when his/her planets are weak. And, this problem can be overcome by strengthening the troubling planet.


As per Puranas and Vedas, influencing planetary motions can be easy with sacred pujas and yagnas; sometimes these religious rituals may take days, months and even year to stabilize to planetary motions and require constant presence of a priest.

Expensive religious rituals

Most of us cannot afford these prolong ritual remedies, due to so many factors, but that doesn’t mean we must feel helpless. Our religious scholars explain that there are some simple home remedies that if done consistently can bring fruitful results. Also if they are done along with regular pujas and yagna, they bear even more positive outcomes.

Keeping reading

In the following slides, know about the simple home remedies that can strength and stabilize each planet for your benefit.

To strengthen Sun:

It is advised to sit under direct sunlight each morning for a couple of minutes. This way you will embrace the benefits of sunlight. Also always consume your food in presence of sunlight, which means before or after sunset, you must refrain from eating. Try to only consume or drink water using copper utensil. Try to surround yourself with wooden furniture, avoid metal.

To strengthen Moon:

You are advised to abstain from having food in cold or frozen form after sunset. If possible, refrain from consuming packaged or frozen food and go for fresh produce, even in case of milk. Add more fruits and salads, in your diet. Make sure you never disrespect water in any form; before entering any river, make sure to touch it with your hands first and not with your feet. As most of us like to eat food from our mother’s hand, for you it can be adverse so avoid it.

To strengthen Mars:

If possible, then try to sleep on floor, as much as you can. It would be good if you could go off salt once in a week. Instead, you can include jaggery and cereal in your food. You can easily stabilize a weak Mars by engaging in regular chanting of Hanuman Chalisa.

To strengthen Mercury:

Introduce as much greenery in your diet as possible. Avoid chemical-based cosmetics and skincare products. Try to always listen soulful music, the vibrations will help you sooth your weaker planet. Make a propensity for listening music. Never forget to bath daily.

To strengthen Jupiter:

If you have been eating meat produce, then avoid it at all costs. Go vegetarian and incorporate turmeric in your eating regimen, as far as possible. Never let your hair grow below your shoulder. Worshipping Lord Vishnu religiously, and wearing a tilak on your forehead, can work wonder.

To strengthen Venus:

You’re advised to take aromatic bath, or apply aroma after cleaning up yourself. Always try to wear clean and wash clothes and garments. Eating yogurt will strengthen your weak planet. Men must avoid keeping long hair and moustache.

To strengthen Shani:

Regularly worshiping Hanuman and engaging in charity work, will reap you benefits. Also, try to visit and worship Shani temple, every Saturday and pour mustard oil mixed with black sesame seeds.

To strengthen Rahu-Ketu:

Helping and serving ailing patients and donating medicines and treatments to the needy will reap you multiple benefits. If possible, then try to take a bath every, and early in morning. After your bath, worship Tulsi and consume two leaves daily. Plan pilgrimages often or visit temple once a week. Avoid eating food, not cooked in home.